Best Cutting Stacks: What You Should Know

Cutting refers to removing fat from your body. The ultimate aim is to retain your muscle mass while removing fat from around the muscle mass. This makes your body look lean and trim and lends extra definition to your body. Most bodybuilders add steroid cutting stacks to their daily supplement routine to ensure that they lose fat rather than lean muscle weight. This will mean an average 12-16 week of workout, dieting, and supplementation with the best steroid cutting stack to ensure fat loss and weight gain.

Here is what a common cutting cycle will be just before competition time:

Dieting — The best cutting cycle will require you to change your diet completely. For example, athletes need to maintain their body protein levels while fat is being trimmed. This means adding more meat, eggs, pulses, yoghurt and cheese to your diet. Carbohydrates are kept to a minimum and if required, they are consumed just before a workout. It’s common for athletes to have a protein shake after their workout as well to maintain a body balance. Almost every meal will contain a balance of fish with minimal-carb vegetables.

Exercise — The best cutting cycles require a tremendous amount of exercise. On an average, cardiovascular routines are added along with weightlifting. The routine may be increased or accelerated to increase heart rate. However, a careful balance has to be maintained between diet and exercise to ensure that food is converted to energy and used to power exercise routines.

Supplementation — Almost every ripping cycle will require additional supplement in the form of the best cutting stack possible. However, there are many products that claim to be the ‘best cutting stacks’ or the ‘best steroid cutting cycles’ on the market. Choosing the best steroid cutting cycle for your personal requirements may be a little confusing. In this case, it’s always a good idea to ask around, compare features and then start with a trial steroid pack. Once you have judged the effect of this stack on your body, you can continue with it. The reasoning for this is simple. Each human body is unique and individual features tend to vary considerably. As a result, the actual result of a stack will vary from person to person. Try each stack. The stack which gets you the best results is the best cutting stack for your particular needs.

After The Cutting Stage

Most athletes start their cutting cycles about 14-weeks before competition time. As a cutting cycle involves drastic changes in diet and workout routines, most athletes cannot do this kind of workout routine 24-7. Once the season is complete, the athlete may change over to a standard diet that has a balance mixture of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.