The Best Prohormones For Bulking Up

With so many prohormones to choose from, how do you know the best options that will make you bulk up and add some serious muscles, size and mass, to your physique? We have got you covered, because it time to bulk up like never before. Here are the best bulking prohormones to look for:

Blackstone Labs Chosen 1

Considered as one of the super-powered proandros in the market today, Blackstone Labs Chosen 1 will bulk you up in no time. Although not considered a steroid, it is a precursor to 1-testosterone, which is known to be very effective in adding mass, size and strength. Studies show that this prohormone has twice the potency of testosterone. And what is more, it is safe for your liver.

Innovative Labs Monster Plexx

This is one of the best prohormones for bulking. When it comes to adding lean muscle, mass and strength, the Innovative Labs Monster Plexx should always be on the list. It is a 5-in-1 anabolic supplement that will give you serious gains. It has connected esters to ensure that your testosterone levels and other hormones function at a high level. This prohormone also burns excess fat.


Yes, the famous Halodrol by Gaspari is back, and it is ready to give you more serious gains. Halodrol is packed with two prohormones that convert to testosterone to make you more powerful and bigger. And, unlike other prohormones for bulking that get banned after a few months, Halodrol is here to stay because it is 100% legal.

Super Mandro Gains of Steel

If you are serious about bulking up, you will not be disappointed with Super Mandro. Considered as one of the best prohormones for bulking, this prohormone comes with 1-Androsterone, which converts into 1-Testosterone. Not only that, it also utilizes a special formula called, Liposomal Stealth Delivery System, which protects its compound by minimizing breakdown while it passes in your body.


Anafuse by Vital Labs fuses different ingredients to give you the maximum gain you can ever have. It will increase your ability to resist muscle fatigue which, in turn, will push your muscles way beyond their limits. This prohormone has the capacity to change your current genetic makeup into a more powerful system.

Spartan Mass v2

Any list of bulking prohormones will not be complete without Spartan Mass v2. This solid and powerful prohormone combines two key ingredients for bulking up: 1-Androsterone and 4-Androsterone. Both ingredients are DHEA derivative that will surely give you that added strength and size you have been dreaming of.


These prohormones are trusted by many athletes and bodybuilders around the world. They also have positive reviews in the market. They will surely bulk you up, so be prepared for some serious gains.