The Basics Of Best Steroid Cycles

The term ‘steroid cycle’ refers to the gradual increase and decrease in intake of an artificial anabolic/androgenic steroid over  a few weeks. This is done to achieve muscle mass formation and increased strength for competition reasons. However, there are several different steroid cycles  and steroid stacks used by athletes for different reasons. Some steroids cycles and steroid stacks are designed to increase muscle mass while others are designed to reduce fat and achieve a leaner look.  As a result, even though users do promote their individual steroid stack as the best steroid cycle, this is not true. Individual physiology is highly unique and as a user, you have try every cycle possible until you have found the best steroid cycle for your particular requirements. However, we do have a few tips that should help you out in choosing and adapting the best steroid stacks for your requirements.

Different Types of Cycles – Most cycles are divided into Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. Basic cycles are recommended for beginners who have never used steroids. These cycles are usually short and start with low-dose steroids. Intermediate cycles use a slightly higher starting dose that is taken every day or every other day. The cycle is also longer. The Advanced cycle uses very high-dose steroids over a longer time ranging up to 12 weeks or more. However, you should know that Advanced cycles are only recommended for athletes who know the risks associated with high-dose steroid use. This cycle may also cause dangerous side-effects.

Advanced/ Beyond-Advanced Cycles – Users who have used high-level steroids sometimes use accelerated cycles that result in rapid weight gain. We cannot recommend these cycles but we are sharing information about these cycles.

1.Three-Week Blitz – This is a 14-week cycle. In this the user takes about five anabolic steroids. Each steroid is taken for three weeks. In this cycle, a combination of deca-durobolin, anavar, primobolan, sustanon, and dianobol are used together. Dianobol is started first, followed by sustanon, anavar and so on. The last two weeks are left empty and the user can add HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin to reduce side-effects.
2.Double – Mini – This is a 14-week cycle in which two anabolic steroids are taken for two weeks. After this the user stops taking steroids for about six weeks. HCG is taken during these two weeks. After this recovery period, the user starts taking the same anabolic steroids for six weeks again.
3.Inverted – Pyramid – Some users find this cycle one of the best for building muscle. It starts with a high dose steroid or three- steroid combination of Testoviron Depot, Deca-durobolin, and Winstrol. This is then tapered off over an eight week period. AT the end of the eight weeks, the dose is quite low  but it still works quite effectively.
4.Diamond – The Diamond cycle is quite simple and it begins with a small dose of two typical steroids like Sustanon and Dianobol. This dose is then increased up to eight weeks. After week nine, the dose is then decreased back to initial dose. Week 11 and week 12 are left behind as recovery weeks with only HCG as supportive therapy.
5.Single Agent / Two Agent / Three Agent – Apart from these kinds of staggered cycles, users also switch between one agent, two agents and three agents to ensure optimum results. However, veterans recommend starting only with a single steroid like testosterone to ensure good results.

The Bottom Line: Choosing The Best Steroid Stack

As you can see, best steroid stack is not such thing as the ‘best steroid cycles.’ Each body is unique and you can adapt the cycle to suit your personal requirements as long as you achieve the desired result.