Why Visit Mexico When You Can Buy Nandrolone Online

I was surprised when I observed Nandrolone being sold over the counter in several drug stores in Mexico. Knowing fully well that it is illegal to purchase this steroid in America, I purchased my requirements. I did not know the harassment I would have to face during my return journey to America. The folks of the custom department at the border, searched my luggage with the help of sniffer dogs and found out the pack containing the drug, confiscated the same, and issued a stern warning to me. Since it was my first time fault, I had to pay a fine. The law officers also told me that I might have to pay a stiffer fine and might even face imprisonment if I was caught importing the drug again. I had taken a risk of importing this fat burning and muscle boosting anabolic steroid knowing that its sale is illegal in the United States unless administered by a licensed physician. I did not know that I could buy Nandrolone, also known as Deca Durabolin, from the comfort of my home by logging on to the internet and purchase my requirements from one of the numerous online stores that offer Nandrolone for sale.

Asked for help

Confused by the thousands of stores selling Nandrolone steroids, I asked one of my bodybuilder friends whether I could purchase Nandrolone tablets from those that were offering this steroid at lower prices than those charged by others. He informed me that most online stores sell counterfeit versions and provided me with a list of stores from where I could buy Nandrolone online. I was confused when I found two versions of the steroid available on those stores. I asked my friend once again and he explained that Nandrolone Phenylpropionate (NPP) is a shorter organic compound. This means that each milliliter of NPP yields a higher dose of active compound compared to Nandrolone Decanoate, which is a longer ester that requires longer weekly cycles. In simple terms, the former would allow me to achieve results faster. On a typical basis, the former requires 8 to 10 week cycles, whereas the latter needs 16 to 20. Apart from this, there is a water retention issue with Nandrolone Decanoate. Since I wanted to develop muscles and lose fat quickly, I decided to purchase Nandrolone Phenylpropionate. Keeping these factors in mind, I visited some of the the sites my friend suggested to purchase my requirement of Nandrolone pills. I noted that one of them was offering a 15% discount over the list price; hence, I purchased Nandrolone from them. It was a hassle free experience, as I did not have to provide any prescription for my purchase.

Note for my friends

Here is a note for my friends who face problems developing muscles and getting rid of their excessive fat. You should stop eating junk food as the saturated fatty acids contained in them negate the effects of Nandrolone. You will experience a drop in the level of testosterone too while taking this steroid. Do not purchase any other synthetic steroid as none of them, apart from Nandrolone, increases your count of red blood corpuscles… this results in greater endurance. You should adhere to the recommended cycle as increasing it might cause adverse effects. Do not try to visit Mexico to purchase this drug unless you want to face the problems I suffered from as you can safely buy Nandrolone steroid even from America.