What All Body Builders Should Know About Anavar Steroid Pills

Anavar steroid is one of the most popular class I steroids amongst body-builders. Medically known as Oxandrolone this compound can be resourcefully stacked with some of the class II steroids like Dianabol or Anadrol. If used in combination with other class I anabolic compounds such as testosterone, which are high-dose, Anavar hardly adds anything of significance to them. However, some body builders still stack it with some modest doses of other class I steroids.


Initially, Anavar tablets could be bought in form of 2.5mg tablets. This means that if you took 8 of them daily, that could only provide 20 mg. This gives you a total of 140 mg in a week. At that dose, the results of Anavar are equivalent to those of testosterone, even though anavar is considered weak. While not many steroids can give dramatic results at that particular dose, still, a big number of them are not considered weak. In essence, it is the Anavar compound that is considered weak, but not to say that it is devoid of any potency.

Nevertheless, with time, higher doses of Anavar for sale have been made available and hence soaring its reputation. Nowadays, you can easily buy Anavar online as well as get far much better results than you could get before. However, due to its cost, this particular steroid is arguably not cost-effective as compared to other Class I steroids. Besides, when it is used on its own, this compound can’t match a good stack in terms of performance.

Its Working

The pharmacology studies conducted on the compounds found in Anavar steroids have shown that it is a weak receptor of androgen. This is a property that is not consistent with what most of the Class I or Class II steroids possess.  Maybe, what the steroid shows in vitro study differs completely with what takes place in the body.

Anavar pills have a half-life of 8 hours. This particular steroid is not known to convert to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) or aromatize. Hence, if you take reasonable dose in the morning, it should be completely out of your system before nightfall. However, it is known to supply moderately higher levels of androgen during daytime and in early evenings.

Many studies have proved that Anavar is superior to both testosterone and Dianabol in terms of burning of abdominal fat, especially in older men who are obese, when taken at definite low doses. These might have led to some people making blanket generalisations about the steroid’s effect in terms of bodybuilding. It is important to note that the efficiency of Anavar, when it comes to burning of fat at low doses, doesn’t apply to the anabolic cycles at bigger doses which are normally taken for the purposes of bodybuilding.  Apparently, the ability of Anavar to burn fats is purely dependent on its dosage.


It is always important to ensure that you only buy Anavar from a certified supplier since nowadays, there seems to be a counterfeit to almost everything in the market. Trenbolone or Primobolan can be taken as safe substitutes of Anavar without subjecting one to any risk of liver toxicity. As a substitute, primobolan is usually a low-suppressive whereas trenbolone isn’t. Since you can only take the Anavar tablets orally, you can easily use the compound as your morning-only bridging agent that comes in between cycles. For you to do this, you should have completely regained your ordinary testosterone production from the last cycle.


Anavar is basically known as a weak steroid. This emanates from the fact that, one cannot get maximum benefits from only making use of a class I steroid. The other reason why the steroid might be considered weak is its performance as compared to other common anabolics. As a body builder, whenever you take 8 tablets and the results are not anywhere near immense, then you can as well consider the drug weak.