Functions Of The Human Growth Hormone

Naturally, it is astounding to reflect how human beings grow from a simple zygote to a fully grown adult. A protein based hormone known as hgh human growth hormone or somatotropin plays a very vital role in the process of human development. It is naturally produced by the pituitary gland which is located at the bottom of the brain right from birth and decreases considerably as a person clocks the age of forty. Some of the main function of this hormone is to stimulate steady growth right from childhood to adulthood. This is accomplished by replenishing cells, repairing damaged muscle tears and maintaining the well being of body vital organs.

Somatotropin also aids in weight loss and muscle build up by converting fat into muscles as well as enhancing vitality by increasing bone density. High levels of this hormones are produced during the adolescent stage to aid in the body changes that happen during that period while levels gradually decrease in the body as a person continues to advance in age. These days, many adults hardly accept the changes that come with aging and therefore will work towards improving physical appearance. As result, synthetic HGH are emerging in the markets targeting such group.

The Synthetic HGH or Somatropin is however not recommended for individuals who are not suffering from HGH deficiency since there is a little indication to suggest that it can help in alleviating signs of aging. Other studies show numerous side effects of taking very high doses for prolonged period like acromegaly, edema and speedy growth of underlying cancers. At times, doctors can prescribe synthetic HGH (Somatropin) to adults with short bowel syndrome, HGH deficiency, which is mainly caused by development and treatment of tumors of the pituitary gland. It may also be prescribed to HIV and AIDS patients to prevent muscle wasting.

Early 1970’s, synthetic HGH was used by athletes and body builders to enhance vitality and promote muscle mass. However, it was banned by the international Olympic committee and considered an illegal substance. Any athlete found abusing Somatropin is therefore penalize or eventually eliminated from contesting in any international competition. It is imperative to seek professional advice before considering using any available synthetic HGH.