Get Outside And Play Away

Today’s world is different than it was ten years ago. Phones were still relatively new, and people were still fairly active with everyday activities. Now people don’t have to leave their house if they do not wish to. Everything from groceries to clothes are available with a only a few clicks of a finger. It is getting harder and harder to convince children, let alone adults, that people need to be more active. Sports are a fantastic way to not even notice the activity that is happening. There are so many different sports with varying levels of activity involved in them. From simple walking or biking all the way up to intense levels of activity like basketball or soccer.

The first thing that is needed when deciding to be more healthy and active is what kind of activity level is needed. Once this is decided then an appropriate sport can be chosen. There are so many choices that it may seem overwhelming at first, but once the person knows their goals and limitations the choices narrow down extremely.

Low intensity sports, such as walking, are great for cardiovascular exercise. They’re also the most affordable of the sports out there in the world. They provide exercise and several mental benefits as well that most people don’t think about. Walking a mile a day can keep the doctor away as well as the therapist. People who walk often are said to be happier and less susceptible to conditions like depression. Some other low intensity sports are things like biking, swimming, track and field, and jogging. They are defined by the deterioration of the body as a result of the sports activity. This class of sports is the one to affect the body the least. They are also the easiest to get into. There is no need for special clothes to go outside for a walk, and buying a swimsuit is relatively inexpensive for a swimmer. The health benefits from this group of sports is also the most prevalent.

Medium intensity sports are things that are active, but can cause small amounts of deterioration in the body. These are also a little more costly to get involved in, but are just as satisfying in the mental aspect of things. Things like weightlifting, tennis, bowling, and frisbee golf are all great examples of what a mid-intensity sport is. They involve a little more twisting and bending than their low intensity brethren, and can be the source of some bodily injury. These injuries are usually small things like a sprain and will not affect the person permanently, but can be quite nagging and bothersome. Most people that participate in these sports for a long time, such as tennis, end up with a small botheration like tennis elbow also known as bursitis. This is swelling of the elbow joints that causes stiffness and minor discomfort, but otherwise is harmless. Most people say they’d still choose to participate even though this injury has happened to them.

High-level intensity sports are the most physically taxing and most expensive to participate in. They can also be the most rewarding for several different reasons. The big sports in this category are the team sports that are all on television. Basketball, football, soccer, hockey are the best examples of high intensity sports. They provide the most physical activity and can provide other mental benefits than happiness. These are highly reliant on team activity and the bond that can form from that. Many people treat their teammates from the team as unofficial family members. The camaraderie is only one part that adds to the choice of a team sport atmosphere. Apart from that, there are some downfalls to this category, such as, these are much more expensive because of all the personal protection equipment and other things required to play. Football, for example, has shoulder pads, a helmet, the ever present sports cup, and leg pads that are required to even step foot onto a field. There are a lot of factors for someone trying to choose an appropriate sport, but knowing what you need and what is out there will help to find the right choice for the person looking to improve themselves.