Informed Bodybuilding: What Does Sustanon Do

Contemporary bodybuilding makes use of the best training techniques to sculpt the best physiques. This requires dedication and effort. Some bodybuilders chose to incorporate Sustanon into their regimen. However, before jumping right into taking any drug or supplement, it is important to understand exactly how they work in the body. To be an informed bodybuilder, it is important to answer the question, what does Sustanon do.

What is Sustanon?

Sustanon is an esterized testosterone steroid. It is administered via injection and is quite popular among the lifting sect. Testosterone is a naturally occurring hormone found in male bodies. In men the testicles produce testosterone.This hormone, also called an androgen, is vital for the body’s development. It brings on many of the defining physical hallmarks of male puberty. This includes deepening of the male voice and body hair growth. The hormone is also responsible for the making of red blood cells, healthy growth of bones, muscles, body hair and male sex organs.

Sustanon Uses

Sustanon is used to treat a variety of conditions. Some men with low testosterone are given the drug to address the problem. Low testosterone symptoms include infertility, impotence, depression, irritability and diminished sex drive. It can also be used for those undergoing female to male gender reassignment.

Sustanon for Bodybuilding

Sustanon is a long-acting testosterone steroid, thus making it attractive for bodybuilding applications.It can be taken in conjunction with other steroids, a process known as “stacking.” Since it mimics the naturally occurring testosterone in the body it can help provide muscle gains in the gym.

The typical dosage is between 250-500 mg of the steroid over the course of 7-10 days.

Cautions/Side Effects

There are some cautions when it comes to this steroid. Those with liver and heart issues should be watchful as it can cause an uptick in water retention. As some formulations contain peanut oil, those with a peanut allergy should be mindful.

Side effects include deepening of the voice, hair loss, and water retention. Liver toxicity is not common except in those who take higher dosages of the drug. Gynecomastia or enlarged breast tissue in males can be a cause for concern. However, many use Nolvadex or similar drugs to mitigate these symptoms.